We are a full service Physical Therapy clinic, located in Pittsburgh,  PA,specializing in the John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach.    We treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction including but not limited  to overuse injuries, frozen or painful shoulders, joint replacements,  back, neck and whiplash injuries, hip, leg, pelvic pain, foot injuries  and plantar fasciitis, women's health, headaches, balance problems and  much more.

Offering one hour, gentle, customized  hands on sessions, Richard and Patricia will assure that you will have a  Physical Therapy experience like no other. We also provide directly  supervised therapeutic exercise in the clinic and a detailed home  therapy program, both created especially for your specific needs.

Did  you know that you have a choice when selecting a Physical Therapist?   You DO NOT have to go where your doctor tells you to go for therapy. In  fact you do not need a referral from a physician to be evaluated and  treated by a direct access trained Physical Therapist in Pennsylvania.  Richard Blair Lyon is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania as a direct  access Physical Therapist.

Our hours are by  appointment. We are in network providers with Blue Cross and Blue Shield  and Medicare. Please call us to discuss other insurances and payment  options.